All of our tutors are excellent and your satisfaction is guaranteed. The best way you can let us know you appreciate us is refer us to a friend and send us a testimonial or post on our Yelp page. We would love to hear your feedback! Please send us an email at danny@dannystutoring.com.

“I can’t say enough good things about Danny’s Tutoring. First of all, the owner of this business Danny Kab is extremely personable and professional. Whenever I have called him or emailed him he gets right back to me. The tutors we have worked with are always on time, courteous, respectful and totally knowledgeable. There has never been a problem if we have to change a time or date. Our child completely connects and looks forward to his tutoring sessions, which is a miracle in itself. I highly recommend Danny’s Tutoring for successful outcomes and happy students!”

— Kelby V. (Mother)


“This is the second year I have worked with Danny’s Tutoring and have become an even bigger fan this year than last. Danny’s ability to target the right tutor to your child is key to the success of a working relationship. When your child bonds with his tutor, the learning process becomes easy, comfortable giving the student the power to learn, on his/her terms. Connor K. knows his material, delivers the lesson in a way that prompts my son to think on his own and ultimately perform well in school. I could not be happier with Connor’s services and am grateful to Danny Kab and his company for selecting him to work with my child. What are you waiting for? Call Danny Kab now.”

— Ruta K. T. (Mother)


“Absolutely 5 STARS for Danny’s tutoring service! He called back immediately, heard my frustration and sent Natalie who rocks! She rescued us and got my son back on track in no time at all! (Not to mention the 92 on his next biology test!) Thank you Natalie! Danny’s service on speed dial! So happy I know I can call him any time for help!”

— Susan S. (Mother)


“We’ve used Danny’s Tutoring service for almost 2 years.  His tutors (including Danny) are very knowledgeable, and manage to mix the right amount of instruction and encouragement to see results.”

— Jennifer H. (Mother)


“My daughter Emily, 10th grader at Agoura High, has the benefit of being tutored by Dor. Dor is extremely knowledgeable in all subjects and has been very helpful to Emily. She has taken a personal interest in the academic success of my daughter and genuinly wants Emily to do well and has spent a lot of time trying to devise ways in which Emily will improve her grades particularly in Math. I would highly recommend Dor as a tutor. We are lucky to have her.”

— Simone M. (Mother)

“My daughter Emily, 10th grader at Agoura High, has the benefit of being tutored by Dor. Dor is extremely knowledgeable in all subjects and has been very helpful to Emily. She has taken a personal interest in the academic success of my daughter and genuinly wants Emily to do well and has spent a lot of time trying to devise ways in which Emily will improve her grades particularly in Math. I would highly recommend Dor as a tutor. We are lucky to have her.”

— Simone M. (Mother)

“I noticed immediately how effective Maggie was when my daughter came home and was thrilled with how much she had accomplished. Not only had she completed all her homework, but she had really learned the material in the process. Maggie combines a perfect mix of knowledge and patience so that my daughter obtained the optimum learning experience. Thanks Maggie!!”

— Rick A. (Father)

“I have learned a lot from Carlie Richman. She has made math so much easier for me and isn’t only my tutor but she is also my friend. She has helped me to raise my math grade 6% and I can’t thank her enough for that.”

— Hayley K. (Student)

“Danny has been an important factor in transforming my son from a mediocre math student to a straight A pupil. Not only is Danny masterful in math, but he also works very well with kids. He is an exceptional tutor and anyone would be extremely satisfied with his tutoring capabilities and work ethic!”

— Wendi Harari (Mother)

“Since I’ve started tutoring with Danny, I have gotten A’s on every test. He breaks things down so I understand every part of the material. He is extremely smart and knows exactly what to say to make me understand everything! I’m no longer confused about math!! Thanks Danny’s Tutoring! Danny knows best!”

— Dani S. (Student)

“Danny’s Tutoring Service is fantastic. The tutors that Danny provides are intelligent, yet able to understand and relate to my son. They are able to work around my son’s busy schedule and are always punctual. I highly recommend their services.”

— Evan K. (Father)

“Fantastic support for our family. Danny’s Tutoring has been an amazing support system for our daughter during her senior year in High School. Whether her needs are help with Chemistry or Math, Danny is dependable, on time and always well prepared for our daughter’s session.”

— Dana M. (Mother)

“Every time my son has a geometry test looming we call Danny’s Tutoring for help. So far we have used Sander, Oliver, Everett and Devon. Each one of these tutors has been excellent. All have been punctual, professional, and a huge help to my son. He got a D last semester but so far thanks to reviewing with tutors he is getting a B+! So happy! Danny has been very accommodating and has always been able to get us a tutor with short notice. Prices are very fair too. Highly recommend.”

— Robyn B. (Mother)


“I called Danny’s Tutoring on the recommendation of a friend because my 10th grade daughter needed help with Biology. Rochelle has been working with our daughter for a couple of months and we couldn’t be more pleased. Rochelle has been able to explain concepts thoroughly and in such a way that my daughter understands them. One time my daughter was in good shape with Bio, but needed a bit of help that day with Algebra — Rochelle was able to make the switch easily. In addition to being a good tutor, Rochelle has always been punctual. I’ve used other tutors in the past (not affiliated with Danny’s Tutors) and punctuality wasn’t a strong trait with them. I appreciate being able to count on Rochelle showing up on time. I won’t hesitate to call Danny’s Tutoring if my daughter needs help in another subject. It gives me peace of mind to know I have access to good tutors in virtually any subject if the need arises.”

— Frances A. (Mother)


“Earlier this week, one of the tutors, Danny, worked with my son, to prepare him for his Chemistry final. Hovering between As and Bs all semester, my son really wanted an A on the final. He did receive an A on his Chem final, and feels that working with Danny was a great help. As I listened in on some of their session, I immediately noted a difference between Danny’s tutoring style and the way some other tutors have interacted with my son. Danny constantly asked questions to make my son think carefully about what he was learning, to keep him engaged, and to check that my son understood. He did this in a way that was friendly and encouraging, not intimidating. When Danny left, my son immediately said, ‘Now THAT was a tutor!'”

— Karen D. (Mother)


“Danny’s tutoring is amazing! With Danny’s amazing tutors I was able to get an A on my ISP, as well as do fantastic in Algebra II. Math is my weakest subject and after tutoring, with some of Danny’s incredible tutors, I now love math. I also used Danny’s tutoring this past summer when taking Chemistry, and with the help of Danny’s Tutoring I got an A in the class! Everyone needs to use Danny’s tutoring, you won’t go wrong. Your grades will go up!”

— Vanessa K. (Student)


“Dylan has been tutoring Kayla for some time. He is a patient and understanding tutor. Dylan is flexible to her schedule and always prompt. He is a terrific young man who has been very helpful to our daughter. Thank you for introducing him as a tutor to our family.”

— Heleen A. (Mother)

“If anyone needs as tutor this year, I HIGHLY recommend Danny’s tutoring service!!!!! Great, reliable tutors, so professional, I could go on and on! I give them the highest recommendation possible!”

— Diana T. (Mother)

“Thank you for all your help. Andy, great job in tutoring William. Danny, great job in selecting great tutors. To both of you, good luck in your future.”

— Georgiana F. (Mother)

“Danny’s Tutoring is the best tutoring service my sister and I have ever used! For the past 3 years, Danny and all his tutors have been nice and really helpful. Danny, especially, has helped me understand math and make it enjoyable. I have done really well in all my years of math! He helped me raise my grade from a low C to an A!! Thank you Danny’s Tutoring for being so helpful!”

— Amanda & Lindsay S. (Students)

“I wanted to let you know how exciting it is to see a child do well on a subject she dreaded. Thanks to an awesome tutor who has patience, ease and the clarity to make it easy to accomplish. Emili has a way of explaining a lesson until the student understands it which brings out their confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Thank you for bringing that forward as well as her better marks in school!”

— Marie W. (Mother)

“We have been using Danny for over a year now and it’s been the best decision we’ve made.  He comes twice a week and helps with homework and studying for any test that may be coming up.  Danny goes over study habits and teaching the best way for you to learn, flash cards, highlighting, etc.  He is never late and has never missed a session and always gives 100% when he’s here. Thanks Danny for making learning a little easier!”

— Tiffani L. (Mother)

“My grandson, Bandon Ferris, is being tutored in Algebra. In the beginning we had a hard time fitting in the time with our tutor. Danny tried very hard and was very helpful getting us what we needed and when we needed it. We ended up with 3 different young men at 3 different times. Andy, our present tutor, is just great. He has developed a great relationship with Brandon so that Brandon looks forward to the tutoring time. Andy has been very good getting Brandon to understand and I can see a large improvement. Andy has also worked at boosting Brandon’s confidence which was a great help.”

— Eleanor P. (Grandmother)