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Danny's Tutoring - Effects of COVID on Tutoring

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

How It All Began

In 2009, Danny Kab, an Agoura High School senior, followed his passion for helping others and began tutoring classmates and other local students to help boost academic confidence. As word of his students’ successes began circulating from one parent to the next, Danny suddenly found himself fully booked and unable to take more clients. Alas, Danny’s Tutoring was born.

Danny’s Tutoring is a highly personalized one-on-one tutoring service for all students including subjects K-12, SAT & ACT, and even some college courses. As the demand for these services started rising, Danny began the careful process of hiring tutors and matching his new recruits to students based on their specific needs and interests. To date, Danny’s Tutoring has employed several hundred tutors and has provided services to tens of thousands of students.

How COVID-19 Transformed & Elevated the Way We Tutor

For the past 12 years, Danny’s tutoring has offered in-home tutoring, where the tutors provided services in the comfort of their students’ homes. While in-person sessions have proven to be an extremely effective approach to student learning, it has also presented challenges against the tutors’ abilities to reach every student in need. Little did Danny know, the importance for online services would soon become the adjustment that Danny and his clients needed for the future of this company.

In March 2020, the harrowing COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and unfortunately, began affecting everyone and their loved ones. Yet, in the dark times, Danny’s Tutoring understood the importance of maintaining the positive momentum necessary in getting students through the rest of the school year.

In a world of social distancing and heightened safety precautions, Danny made sure to prioritize the health of his tutors, students, and families by quickly reconstructing his business and onboarding a virtual one-on-one online tutoring option for all of his students. With everyone’s cooperation and especially the tutors’ determination to help their students and keep them engaged, online learning has shown to be a highly effective alternative to traditional in-person sessions.

While many parents are concerned with the lack of focus that can come from online tutoring, Danny’s tutors ensure that students stay engaged and on top of their work throughout the entire one-on-one lesson. As the year progressed and students have become more comfortable with online tutoring, Danny’s Tutoring has seen a major adjustment in the way students learn and how tutors can approach their sessions.

Looking Forward: School Reopenings and Summer Program

With schools reopening and COVID-19 vaccines becoming available to the general public, Danny’s Tutoring understands the realities of the learning gap caused by the pandemic and is expanding his team in order to help every family in need. Moving forward, Danny’s Tutoring will continue to offer one-on-one online tutoring as it has been shown to be a highly effective learning tool for students, in addition to safe and socially distanced in-home tutoring as tutors and families receive their vaccinations.

Right now, more and more families are utilizing the summer to prepare their kids for the upcoming school year. Whether students could use a recap of last year’s materials, need to catch up on missed work, or simply want to get ahead of their coursework, Danny’s tutors are here to help. Spots are filling quickly, so make sure to secure your sessions as soon as possible!

Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

The pandemic has caused a surge in demand for tutors, so Danny’s Tutoring is actively hiring tutors that can tutor online and in-home (safely and responsibly). Applications can be found on our website,

To book online or in-home tutoring sessions, call/text Danny’s Tutoring at 818-584-6851. For more information, please visit We look forward to hearing from you!

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