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What is a Danny’s Tutoring Campus Brand Ambassador?

With Danny’s Tutoring growing and expanding each and every day, we are looking to get more students involved by giving them the opportunity to get crucial work experience and client interaction! A Campus Ambassador is a student who will promote and educate surrounding peers, friends, and family about the incredible services and opportunities Danny’s Tutoring provides. Ambassadors will use their outgoing personalities, drive, and knowledge of the business to educate and bring in as many clients and tutors as possible.

Similar to an internship, the Campus Ambassador position will be paid. For every client that signs up with Danny’s Tutoring, the referring Brand Ambassador will receive $15. Not only will Brand Ambassadors have the opportunity to make a lot of money, but they will also be able to use this position to serve as a stepping-stone for early work experience and possibly a tutoring position with Danny’s Tutoring!

What qualifications do Danny’s Tutoring Campus Brand Ambassadors need?

How to become a Campus Brand Ambassador for Danny’s Tutoring?
Please email your resume to with a little bit about yourself and also the following questions answered.

We look forward to hearing from every applicant. Be optimistic and know that we are highly selective in who we bring on board. Only the best of the best are working for Danny’s Tutoring.