Danny’s Story

Danny wo tieHi everyone! My name is Danny Kab and I am the founder of Danny’s Tutoring. In 2014, I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara where I majored in Economics and Accounting with a minor in Sports Management. Growing up, I was always on top of my classwork and constantly helped all my close friends before our math and science tests. I have always been good at teaching and have had high patience when dealing with all sorts of people. I wanted to take these unique qualities and create something amazing out of them. When I was 16 years old, I established my own tutoring business called “Danny’s Tutoring”. At first, I began tutoring a few local middle school students and family friends. I realized that I love teaching and helping kids of all ages and should therefore expand my client base to include high school students. In order to advertise my services, I made a website (dannystutoring.com), ordered business cards, and even set up a fan page on Facebook. Additionally, I went from school to school handing out flyers and personalized business cards; I spoke with old teachers and posted flyers inside their classrooms. In just a short while, I began to receive tons of phone calls from parents and struggling students looking to raise their grades. My time spent outside of school quickly became filled with tutoring jobs. Within a year, almost every student, teacher, and parent knew of “Danny’s Tutoring” and my business began to grow and become known. With my business and clientele growing, I knew I would need to hire employees in order to continue to expand my business further. Towards the end of my senior year, I set up interviews with a few bright students who were sophomores and juniors. I requested their transcripts and tested their communication skills to ensure their qualifications and ability to represent my company. After hiring a few students, my business continued to develop and flourish. Over the years my business has employed hundreds hardworking high school students who have gone off to schools like Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UCSB, Michigan, University of Washington and other top, prestigious universities. I have built a clientele of over 3,000 satisfied students who have tremendously excelled in their schoolwork, found a passion for learning, and have become more confident with themselves. As a business owner, I take pride in helping each and every one of you reach your ultimate potential!

Please give this beautiful article a read on how Danny’s Tutoring came about.

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